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I often beat myself up over and dwell on mistakes, missed opportunities, and losses. And, on the flip side, I do not celebrate or pat myself on the back for successes, a job well done, or wins. 

If you are like me, then I think we are doing ourselves an injustice. If you acknowledge the "bad," then you have to acknowledge the "good." This is especially true in the parts of our lives that are not visible to others (i.e. where others cannot give us the praise) and in parts of our lives that take time to see effects (i.e. building a business or losing weight). We need to be our biggest cheerleader and our biggest fans, especially in these isolated, daily grind areas of our lives. 

Next time you have a win, no matter how big or small, let's celebrate. Acknowledge yourself and acknowledge how far you've come. Get the cake. Pour the wine. Do the dance.

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