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How do you eat an elephant?... Not that you would actually eat one, but, hypothetically... One bite at a time. 

In other words, when you are facing a monumental task or overwhelming project, sometimes the hardest thing to do is simply to start. However, once you start, the ball seems to keep rolling.

One project of mine that endlessly seemed to slip down the to-do list was to create my own website--www.stacietownsend.com. I have owned the domain name for at least two years, and I have literally let it sit in idle. I do not know why I avoided the effort of creating my own website; maybe it seemed too monumental or too personal. Nevertheless, in the words of a wise, dear friend, I told myself, "Stacie... Just start!"

So, here we are. Thanks for being here with me. If you have an elephant on your to-do list, I hope you join me in starting to take the bites.

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