What Are You the Best Person For?

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Coming up with the next big idea or a good idea for a business is difficult. Entrepreneurs oftentimes admit that their good idea was never their first idea, or even their first business. Many times, the successful idea is the fourth, fifth, or even tenth business that they started.

Business ideas can stem from a variety of sources, including passion projects or identifying solutions to unsolved problems in the world. Brainstorming for ideas can involve asking questions like:

  • What processes can I make more efficient?
  • What product or service would improve the daily lives of others?
  • What can I add more value to?
  • What do I want to do with my life?

However, do not forget to ask yourself one key question:

  • What product or service am I the best person in the world to create and/or provide based on my life experiences?

We are all entirely unique, with varying life experiences. So, answering this question may help give you a leg-up on your competition or may help you find more purpose behind your mission.

Of the nearly eight billion people in the world, what are you the best person for?

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